artist statement

Hey, I'm Evan, thanks for stopping by!

I grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature in eastern Kentucky. Surrounded by big blue skies, huge fluffy clouds, lush green fields and trees...I guess it's no wonder that I ended up picking up a camera at some point.

Photography, for me, is as much about the experience of wandering around in new places and searching for interesting compositions as it is producing the final image.

When I'm out shooting, whether it be in a pristine, natural location, or in the middle of a chaotic urban environment, the camera always brings me to a very zen headspace.

I like to believe that images are capable of holding some sort of energy. As silly as it may sound, my hope is that, in some magical way, the scenes and compositions which bring me a feeling of balance and peace can live on forever in the form of prints which will then give the viewer the same experience they gave me.

As far as methods go, I shoot with both digital and film cameras. These days, when shooting on digital, I prefer to use vintage lenses because they add a special character and feel to the images which I simply can't get with modern lenses. I'm very passionate about long exposures and experimenting with different types of camera movements to get interesting effects in the final image. Almost all of my photos are single exposures- I do not enjoy compositing multiple pictures together as I feel it's cheating somehow. I also simply do not enjoy spending too much time on Photoshop other than for minor adjustments. Any sort of weird effect in any of my photos is most definitely captured in camera.

Peace and love from sunny southern California!

-Evan Nischan